Ladlox offer state of the art hair systems that are undetectable and are the very latest in non-surgical hair replacement.

The Ladlox system consists of human hair that has been implanted into a micro-thin layer of artificial skin. Once the correct product is selected to meet your needs, the artificial skin (with the implanted hair) is  gently bonded onto your scalp. This  procedure is pain free and should take little longer than a traditional hair cut.

The Ladlox hair system is designed to perfectly suit your life and not vice versa! You don’t have to change a single aspect of your daily life because the hair system adapts to you. You can be confident and relaxed, whether it be in the shower, at the gym, outdoors or in the bedroom. The hair system becomes one with you, it becomes your hair.

In order to make sure you get the system that best suits your needs we will ask some questions at the point of ordering

What colour is your hair?

At this stage you will be asked to match your natural hair colour to the chart shown. If your shade is not shown then please just contact us and we will be able to use our team of experts to colour match to your requirements.


If you would like to add another colour as a natural highlight color, please just select from the options offered.

What percentage of your hairs are grey?

If you are naturally greying we can also match this  using the chart supplied.

What texture is your hair?

We have different textures of hair available including Straight, Wavy, Curly and Afro.

How thick is your hair?

We can offer various hair thicknesses to suit your needs.

Which way would you like your hair to sweep?

We can tailor your Ladlox system based upon where your crown naturally sits and the way you would like your hair to be parted. You can choose from any of the options below:

What is the length  and Width of the area would you like to cover?

Please measure from the very front of your hairline to the very back of the area you would like the system to cover.

What is your skin tone?

You will be given the opportunity to select a Ladlox system that will best match your skin pigmentation.

What type of base would you like?

Finally you will be given a choice of the base that you would like for your Ladlox system.

Thin Skin: This system is made from a very thin transparent base, into which each individual hair is injected. When glued against the wearer's skin the base is virtually undetectable.

Lace: This system has each individual hair sewn onto a thin lace base. The holes between the knots allow the scalp some ventilation and lace systems are generally quite durable.

Lace Thin Skin Hybrid: A transparent Thin Skin perimeter with a breathable Lace centre. As some might say, the best of both worlds!