"Where do you ship to?"

We offer FREE shipping worldwide.

"Do you offer any discounts?"

Yes absolutely, we offer a 10% discount on purchases of two or more systems using the code 'MULTI10' (does not apply to clearance items).

"How long does it stay on?"

Once fitted, your system should stay on for around 3-6 weeks (depending on the adhesive used, the amount of hair you have growing underneath, and your lifestyle). The system can then be removed, cleaned and re-fitted.

"How long will the system last?"

Again, this is dependent of lifestyle, and things like the styling and general wear and tear the system receives, but you can usually expect our systems to last around 3-6 months.

"Won't I look ridiculous if suddenly I have a full head of hair?"

If you're new to all this, and are conscious that it's going to be noticeable if you suddenly have a full head of hair, we'd recommend initially starting with our 'Ladlox Regrowth Package'. This is simply a package of three Ladlox Systems in increasing thicknesses, so that you can start with a thinner system and gradually move up to the thickness you ultimately desire. We recommend getting the thinner systems cut shorter to give the appearance that you're growing your hair out, then gradually increasing the length as you increase the thickness.

" Is it waterproof? Can I shower and swim in it?"

Yes absolutely, obviously providing that you use a waterproof adhesive when fitting your system (almost all adhesives are waterproof). When washing your hair we recommend using a sulfate free shampoo and smoothing the shampoo down the hair instead of scrubbing it in, to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear on the hair (you can pick up sulfate free shampoo in pretty much any supermarket or cosmetics store, most of the big names in shampoo offer a sulfate free version).

"Is it made from human hair?"

Yes, all of our Ladlox Systems are made from 100% human hair.

"What about getting it cut and styled?"

We offer two options for this. You can either order a pre-cut system and fit it yourself,  or order our standard system and find a salon to fit it for you. We don't directly offer fitting ourselves, but  do provide a list of salons that you can use as a helpful guide to try and find someone in your area.

"What will fitting cost?"

As with all hair services, the cost can vary wildly between salons. Prices start at about £30 but can be a lot higher depending on where you go. We always recommend researching any salon you're thinking of using to make sure it's right for both you and your pocket!

"How long will my Ladlox System take to arrive?"

All of our systems are hand made, with each hair being individually added to the system, and so take about 8-10 weeks to make. After that they are dispatched to you by secure post in discreet, unmarked packaging.

"I have some specific requirements that aren't shown on the website, can you help?"

Yes! For example, if you have a specific base type or colour that isn't already shown on our product page, please just drop us an email as we can almost certainly match it.